Spring St Signs

The signs shown above then disappeared.

The two signs shown in our header were placed there by Parks and Recreation staff in April of this year. We welcomed them, and so took those photos on May 1, 2017.

However, some time before May 27, when we took the photos below, these signs vanished:

no signs

Who removed them? We checked with the Parks staff, but were assured that Parks staff did not remove them. They expressed disappointment, and plan to replace them. This is at least the third time that similar signs near the Spring Street entrance have been mysteriously removed.

Then, lo and behold: They're back!!!

Sometime during the past month the signs were replaced, as promised by Parks staff. Note that they are more securely bolted to the supporting posts:

new signs

Thanks are due to our Parks staff. If you happen to see a staff member, please thank him or her.