issues of concern

Issues of Concern

This section of our website is devoted to various issues of concern or interest that arise from time to time. Currently, the primary issues are those arising from the formulation of a new “Parks Master Plan” (PMP), recently proposed by Santa Cruz City Council members, and being developed by the City's Parks and Recreation Department.

Here is a list of the three pages in this section:

The first, a new page, describes a new pair of signs, recently installed by our Parks Department over a month ago at the Spring Street entrance. Sometime in May these two signs mysteriously were removed. This is at least the third time that such signs, all of which advised that the Spring Trail does not permit bicycles, were removed.

The second contains our observations and comments relating to the current Draft of the PMP, a document that is available by clicking on this link, and whose appendices section is available by clicking on this link.

The third contains a list of the dates and topics (plus agendas if available) for the currently proposed meetings of the Parks and Recreation Commission (and as they become scheduled, those of the City Council) that relate to various topics in the Draft of the PMP, along with our observations and comments as they develop.

We welcome any thoughts, observations, suggestions or photos you might have. Just write to us by clicking here.

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